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The range of cleanroom equipment offered by Moduclean is perfect for international clientele operating in the following sectors:
  • Healthcare & Hospital Industry
  • Biotechnology
  • Food Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Aeronautics
  • Cutting-edge Technology
Moduclean is a key player in the market for cleanroom equipment, as exhibited by its impressive client list and the large number of items in its product catalog, such as:
The cleanroom equipment offered by Moduclean conforms to US and european regulation and, also, with the highest industry standards for quality.
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“Yves will carefully ensure every detail is considered when Moduclean provides the modular building system and associated components – his commitment to customer service and responsive nature helped us provide a great finished product.”

– Eric FERGUSON, Product Manager, AEC

“I have had opportunity to work with Yves of Moduspace and can only decribe the experiance as pleasent. Yves provides an exellent product at a realistic cost. My client was thrilled at how quickly we had his facility designed and operational and to say he was ecstatic about how good it looked would be an understatement. I Yves is a perment fixture onmy bidders list and I would recommend that you ask him for a quote if you need a cleanroom, high quality doors or a pass through chamber for your facility, you too will be impressed!”